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Quoted Shellvars in Augeas

The Augeas type in Puppet allows changing specific parts in a file while leaving the rest unmanaged. I use it frequently to set shell variables in files associated with an application package. Sometimes the value must be quoted and getting the correct quoting with Augeas never works the first time for me. So here is my little cheat sheet for setting quoted values with Augeas.

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Augeas major mode for Emacs

Augeas is a tool to surgically edit Unix configuration files. The augeas type in Puppet allows changing single entries in a configuration file instead of deploying the whole file as a monolithic blob.

Augeas understands a lot of different configuration file formats but you may need to write Augeas code yourself if you want to parse your own file format. I didn't find an Emacs major mode for Augeas so I started writing my own. It is currently still at an early stage. You can find the code at